Glen A. Spence is the owner and Master Instructor of Applied Martial Arts Academy. Master Spence started his martial arts training in 1971 studying Tae Kwon Do from Instructors Ken Miller and Dennis Scarberry, under the guidance of Grand Master Hun Soo Kim.  He entered the Army National Guard in 1982 and active duty in 1985.  During his career he served numerous tours overseas in support Operations "Desert Storm", "Desert Shield" and "Enduring Freedom" to name a few.  Master Spence served a total of  30 years in the military and was awarded (3) Meritorious Service Medals, the Bronze Star and the Legion Merit.

              During his assignment to Hawaii in 2003, Master Spence and his children Gilead, Samuel, Nathaniel and Naomi began their study of the Filipino Martial Art of Pedoy Escrima under the teaching of Grandmaster Tyrone Takahashi, Grandson of the Great Grandmaster Braulio Pedoy, founder of the "Pedoy Style" and the Pedoy School of Escrima Hawaii.

In 2015 Master Spence and Head Instructor Gilead Spence traveled to Hawaii to continue their Escrima training and are now under the teaching of Grandmaster Gary Largo, Chief Master Leslie Largo and Senior Master Carlton Krammer of General Ablen's School of Derobio Escrima. Grandmaster Gary was one of the first students of GGM Braulio Pedoy when he started teaching in Hawaii. Master Spence is the current 2018 double Gold medalist and GSBA World Champion in padded stick and forms.

            Master Spence also studies Applied Wing Chun Kung-Fu, taught by Chief Master,Sigung Larry Saccoia. Master Spence has written curriculums and created a visible skill level and promotion system for the art where none existed before .  The system provides structure and a clear path of progression for his students to follow and carry them to "Black Sash" or Instructor levels.  Master Spence has competed in various Martial Arts tournaments winning numerous trophies and belts in Point Sparing  and Forms.  He was formally appointed  the first and only  "Disciple" of  Sigung Larry Saccoia.

          Master Spence is an honorable man of high morals and godly character.  He is strong in his Christian faith and is highly respected by his students, friends, peers and teachers.  He is known for his friendliness, Martial Art expertise and willingness to help others.  He has been married to his wonderful bride, Shelley, for 25 years and is the father of five children and  proud "Grandpa" of six grandchildren.