The Batikan Eduardo "Eddy" Pedoy

Overseer of Pedoy School of Escrima.

Grandmaster Tyrone Takahashi.

Grandmaster of the "Pedoy School of Escrima"

Main Branch, Hawaii

Grandmaster Gary Largo

Grandmaster of General Ablen's School of Derobio,


Gilead Spence, Blue Shirt

Senior Maestro Level 2

Head Instructor of Applied Martial Arts Academy

 We teach Derobio Escrima from the Lineage of the Great Grandmaster Braulio Pedoy founder of "Pedoy Style" Escrima from Oahu Hawaii.  The GGM Pedoy developed this style of Escrima in jungles of Leyte trained by General Faustino Ablen.  Our style of Escrima differs from many other styles because we start training with gurotes' (rattan sticks) but as the Escrimador advances they must transition to the steel bolo (machete). Derobio is a combat proven Filipino Martial Art rich in Filipino culture and heritage.  The GGM Pedoy was from Cebu and most of the commands are given in his native tongue of Visayan.      

       Master Spence began his Escrima training with Grandmaster Tyrone Takahashi from 2004-2007 at the Pedoy School of Escrima, Main Branch in Waipahu, Hawaii.  The military transferred him back to Virginia where he continued practicing Derobio Escrima with his son Gilead.  Due to work related restrictions, GM Takahashi was unable to continue Master Spence's training  but in 2015 Grandmaster Gary Largo, Chief Master Leslie Largo and Senior Master Carlton Krammer agreed to take both Master Spence and his son Gilead on as students to continue their Pedoy Escrima training.  Master Spence and Head Instructor Gilead Spence have received the blessing of both Grandmasters of the Pedoy lineage to teach and represent the "Pedoy Style" of Derobio Escrima in Virginia.  They are under the direct guidance of GM Gary Largo and the other General Ablen School of Escrima Masters and will continue their Derobio Escrima training indefinitely.  

Top row Left-Right; Chief Master Leslie Largo, Master Peter Schmall, Chief Instructor Nai Hasagawa; Master Knut Peacock; Grandmaster Gary Largo; Senior Master Carlton Kramer, Full Instructor Glen Spence; Escrimador Allen Egusa Bottom row, Left-Right; Advanced Nai Hasegawa; Maestro Shaden ; Advanced Escrimador Dorian 

Glen Spence, Red Shirt

Full Instructor Level 1

Master of Applied Martial Arts Academy.

Ranking System

The Great Grandmaster Braulio Pedoy 

Founding Father of the "Pedoy Style" of Escrima

Filipino Martial Arts Schools.