Our Chief Master

Sigung Larry Saccoia

(Disciple of GM Duncan Leung)

Our Grandmaster of the Applied Wing Chun system

Grandmaster Duncan Leung

(Disciple of Ip Man)

Our Wing Chun Family Lineage.

Our Great Grandmaster Ip Man

Applied Wing Chun Kung-Fu

We teach Applied Wing Chun Kung-Fu. Sifu Glen Spence is the Master Instructor for Wing Chun at AMAA and is a gifted and talented leader. He constructed a innovative skill level and ranking system that provides his students with visible goals to strive for, training that reinforces those goals and a set standard that provides visible recognition and promotions for their progress.

       He is passionate and dedicated to preserve and teach Applied Wing Chun Kung-Fu in the same manner it was taught to him by Chief Master, Sigung Larry Saccoia.
        Sigung Saccoia is a Disciple of Grandmaster Duncan Leung and is the Chief Master in our Applied Wing Chun program here at the Academy. He provides support, instruction and oversees the promotion and certification programs.  We are truly blessed to have him, Simo "Miss Jen" Saccoia and his son Sishu Philip Saccoia a part of the AMAA family.  

Master of Applied Martial Arts Academy

Sifu Glen Spence 

(Disciple of CM Larry Saccoia)